TLV Skool

TLV Skool offers varied courses related to K12. These courses are designed with an aim to bring about transformation in the way the modern educators think. Focus of TLV Skool is on introducing innovative teaching techniques that bring out maximum impact on the teaching abilities and learner’s experience.

ELT (English Language Training)

This program is equipped with 1000+ activities and games to learn English vocabulary, grammar, reading & writing skills, speaking and comprehension.

30 Hours

Girls for Coding

This course is a stepping stone for girlsin the world of Computer Programming.

40 Hours

Python 4 ML

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python (inception course for future data scientists)

40 Hours

SAT/TOEFL Preparation

This full course helps the participant develop her/himself from a basic level toadvance. This involves exhaustive test giving and training on test strategiesalong with tricks and tested scoring methods.

40 Hours

TRLT (Teacher readiness for Language Teaching)

This course is ideal for aspiring language teachers. It also promises a significant difference in the verbal and auditory processing Proficiency of all the regular participants.

35 Hours

Principal as a Coach

A globally acclaimed powerful program, in partnership with iPause and Coach to Transformation, that helps modern world educators to create a new world thinking to enhance and build new age leaders.